2003-06-07PingPong: SVWomen athletes participating NCCAF

Dear Members,

As you know we have a team of Pingpong players participating
in the NCCAF (Northern California Chinese Athletic Federation) competition.

The SVWomen team: Iris, Alice, Elisa, Alex, Kai, Jason

Date and Place:

2003/6/7 (sunday) 8:00AM - 7:00PM

4000 MiddleField Road, GYM #B
Palo Alto, CA 94303-4739

Our players will all enter the singles game. Just checked with NCCAF, on Saturday they will have doubles and groups first then singles. So most likely our players will play in the afternoon. They won't have the official detailed play time until Friday. I will check back with them. If you are interested in cheering for our dear pingpong team, please email me at lan_dian@yahoo.com to leave your email address in order to receive notice. Otherwise just go there and look for SVWomen Banner.

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