华人体育运动会于六月七日举办的樂敘之家杯乒乓球比赛在Palo Alto舉行。 这也是“硅谷女性”社团第一次组队参加运动会。 此次乒乓球运动会共有220人参加比赛, 可见规模之大! 这次代表硅谷女性出队的有: Alice,Alex, Kailai,Elisa 和Jason。 经过激烈的惊心的比赛, 女子乒乓旗开得胜, 成绩亮丽!

Alice Chen 获得了业余女子成年组冠军,
Elisa Yu 获得了业余女子成年组季军!

“这真的是兴奋人心的消息!”此次组织乒乓球队并代队训练的硅谷女性活动策划人蓝点说。 “我们本来就没有想到会有名次。 此次的活动的目的重在与参与。” 蓝点表示这次亮丽的成绩着实是一种鼓舞,她将继续鼓励女子运动。

“硅谷女性”鸣谢: 余雪, 孟燕明, 蓝点, 非文,依蓝,到场打气的拉拉队员们,以及乒乓球代表队全体成员的热心参与与帮助!

女子乒乓球活动照片请看: Photo

“硅谷女性”社团也将有羽毛球代表队参加今年的华运会于6/21的虎標萬金油羽毛球比賽。 欢迎大家到时打气观赛! 更多新闻请关注“硅谷女性”活动论坛的报道。 details

Dear SVWomen members,

Great news! The athletes representing SVWomen have won
the NCCAF (Northern California Chinese Athletic
Federation) Ping-Pong competition.

The game took place last Saturday, June 7th 2003 in
Palo Alto. More than 220 athletes ranging from
amateurs to professionals entered the competition. The
members of our SVWomen Ping-Pong team are: Alice,
Alex, Kailai, Elisa, and Jason.

During the several hours of intense play-offs, all our
SVWomen participants have demonstrated superior skills
and delivered solid performance. We have won both the
first and third prize for the women singles, in the
category of adult beginners.

The winners are:
Alice Chen: 1st prize in women singles,
Elisa Yu: 3rd prize in women singles,

Let's extend our congratulations to Alice and Elisa
for their exceptional achievement and all other
althletes who have participated in the competition.
Great job!

Many thanks to Landian, who successfully coordinated
the SVWomen Ping-Pong team, Snow, James Moon, Yilan,
Feiwen, all members who helped the event, and those
who came to cheer and support our group!

The pictures of the competition are available from our
online gallery

SVWomen also has representatives participating in the
NCCAF Badminton Open on 06/21 and 06/22. Please come
and support our athletes! Further information can be
found on our website on

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