2003-06-22Badminton: SVWomen athletes participating NCCAF Sunday 06/22

Dear members,

SVWomen will participate in the NCCAF Badminton Open, which takes place this weekend. Our athletes are Yong Wang and Tien Pham and they will compete in the doubles category.

Date: Sunday 06/22, 8:30am - 7pm
Place: San Jose State University (main Gym SPX 44 A-B)
One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192

The category we participate will start at 8:30am. Please come watch the game and support our athletes. Otherwise, just go there and look for the SVWomen banner.

Direction and campus map can be found on http://www.racketsupply.com/nccaf.htm

Please also refer to the discussion on our BBS for details: http://www.svwomen.org/bbs/viewtopic.php?id=6&t_id=49

Hope to see you there.


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