From: Silicon Valley Women & Cnetwork
Location: Ortega Park at Sunnyvale 636 Harrow way,
Sunnyvale, CA
When: Saturday, July 12, 12:00pm

Summer is great for outdoor picnics. Cnetwork and
SVWomen would like to invite you for a summer relaxing
picnic in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Come and join us at Ortega Park. The picnic area is at
the east side of the park.

Please register at:

And check back for updates/discussions at:

Food: Chinese foods, fruits, drinks etc.
Activities: lunch and social, basketball, volleyball
and other sports, games etc. Bring whatever sport
gears with you. We will also have some games such as

Cost: $10/person, $5 if under 10 yr.
Contact: Moses Wang at d41515@yahoo.com, landian at

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