2003-07-12-reportHi all, just want to let you know we had a wonderful picnic the past Saturday.

Thanks everyone who came and had fun! We had 80+ CNetwork and SVWomen members and friends. The weather was wonderful too.

The picnic started with many main dishes and 3-4 difference rice/noddle dishes. People sat and stood around, chatted with old and new friends. Some also played riddles games and won prizes.

After lunch people spreaded out, some still try to solve the remaining riddles. Some set up the volleyball net and started the game. Some went to shoot basketballs. Some sat around under trees and chat away. Some played the favourite poker games. There were also freesbies, kites and other sports going on.

That was yet another relaxing and successful picnic event hosted by CNetwork and SVWomen. Let's thank all the volunteers, SVWomen and Cnetwork committee members who made it happen! See you all next time!

Some Photo:

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