2003-07-19Dear members,

SVWomen is welcoming participants and volunteers for the upcoming NCCAF Ceremony Grand March.

NCCAF (Northern California Chinese Athletic Federation) is holding a grand ceremony on Saturday, July 19th.
SVWomen will participate in the Ceremony Grand March. The march will be like the ones in the opening ceremony
of major sports events, with all groups entering the stadium in order and lining up. We will have our own team in the
march with our own flag and banner. We welcome all our members and their friends to join us participating in the
march along with our athletes.

The march will be done by lunchtime, so you can have the afternoon free or watch the soccer, tennis, volleyball,
basketball finals, or track & field games in the afternoon at the same place there. Please come and join us.
The more the merrier. Show your support and the strength of our group! Please contact feiwen99@yahoo.com
if you want to come.

There will also be volunteering opportunities for the event. If you are already there for the grand march, why don't
be a volunteer! Uniform and lunch will be provided for all volunteers. Please contact feiwen99@yahoo.com
for more information ASAP.

Date: Saturday, July 19th, 2003

Time: 8:30am (march participants, please come at 8am)

Place: James Logan High School, Union City
1800 H. Street
Union City, CA 94587
(look for SVWomen flag)


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