2003-10-31-reportReport By: LanDian

It was fun! Though (now totally agree with Sony2003) too much gathering points was not good idea and with that many pl u just can't really gather pl. Lots interesting customs and the performance was laud and exciting..

I did a count and think we had about 14-15 pl departed from daly city together.. lost some pl (david's group) after get to SF and we walked with the wrong crowd so became 11, once reached the first stage, while trying to gather with Ken's group (Which ken and I both gave up when find out in reality it was just impossible at Market & 16) and these 11 pls disappearred in the millions pl crowd... Lucky that cells did still work and at least I was able to find pl who were in my car..

Lots picture perfect time.. Pl who has taken pictures, let's all share them..

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