2009/10/31 Roundtable discussion on Ethics

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The round table discussion organized by Silicon Valley BookClub is prepared for the busy “book lovers. The reason is that no reading is required.


If it’s hard for us to complete a whole book let’s do something different – talking beyond books. I recently joined a discussion on ethics and found it fascinating. Therefore I am motivated initiating chatting sessions on series topics if any of you are interested. The best part is – no reading required. The procedure is that I post the questions here, you come over with your ideas and your experience in life, and we “debate.


I would also encourage any of you submitting topics intriguing you. Otherwise I would borrow ideas from books.



Topic: Should I always keep a confidence?


Source: Chapter 7 from “Ethics for everyone” by Arthur Dobrin


Dan, fifteen years old, enjoys talking to his friend's mother, Nicole. Many times he has confided his problems to her. Now he comes to the house to ask if he can talk to her confidentially. After she agrees, he tells her that he has saved enough money to run away. She tries to persuade him not to, but fails. As soon as Dan leaves her house, Nicole calls his parents to tell them of their son's plans.


Some questions to ask yourself:

1. Should you always keep a promise?

2. How do you decide what confidences keep?

3. Is it legitimate to share another's confidences with someone in your family?

4. Is it ok to share confidences with another person who may help you?

5. Under what circumstances should a confidence be broken?

6. Does the age of the person who talks to you confidentially make a difference?

7. Is Nicole doing the right thing?


When: TBD


Who: SVWomen bookclub members or nonmembers. Everybody is welcome.


Where: TBD


Contact: Soulake@... or 408-480-5238



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