Bookyuan: 书缘起时

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书缘, 一如人缘, 缘起则聚, 缘落则散。

时值深秋, 落叶在空中不经意的飞舞是否也唤起你对书香书趣的回忆?

书道非常, 可读,可听, 可赏, 可悟;
书若挚友,不弃, 不离。

当此书缘起时,你收到我诚心的邀请: 朋友, 莫辜负这份缘,
请来硅谷女性读书俱乐部坐客, 相聚我们的书缘小栈。

可以品香茗, 换心经。
无股市之乱耳, 无电脑之劳形。。。。。。。

书缘小栈第一次聚会将于二零零二年十二月八日举办, 具体时间及地点待定。
本次聚会不拘主题, 有意加入的朋友请带来一本你最爱的书册与大家分享。



阿墨儿 —


You might ask, why book?

Well, why music? Why poetry? Why wine? …Why?

Just because — they’re the enlightenment of our lives, especially books.

Some may regard books as tools, tools to help them achieve their life or
career goals. Yes the books are tools, but I’d rather refer them as friends,
friends who wisper the legacy of ancient wisdom, who listen, who talk, who
indulge, who please, who comfort, and, above all, who inspire. Our book
friends will never give up on us, and will always be there for us.

That is why we, SVWomen Club, would like to open the door of our new book
club – “BookYuan” for our members and friends. We hope that it will become a
place where we could all sit together, learn from our beloved books, and
from each other.

Now the time comes, you have our cordial invitation: Please come join us,
make this book club your secluded harbor, where your craving hearts will be
served, by exploring the wonderful world of books.

Our first gathering will be held on Sunday, Dec 8. 2002, exact time and
place are to be announced. We will have open discussion this time, please
bring one of your favoriate books to share with others.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email

Looking forward to seeing you at “BookYuan”‘s first meeting, my fellow
bookworms 🙂

Your hostess,
Amoooor, “the rainlover and booklover”

SVWomen Club
November 2002, California

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