Bookyuan 1st Meeting

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Report on SVWomen “BookYuan” Club’s first meeting

When: 2pm to 4pm, December 8, 2002
Where: A clubhouse in Sunnyvale
Who: Booklovers
What: Discussion on our favorate books and experience sharing — We had
a wonderful time together. Thank you all for participating!

Discussed books in Chinese:

  1. 论凤姐
    作者:王朝闻 (
  2. 她是女子, 我也是女子
    模样。但她涂著桃红寇丹–涂寇丹的女人都是坏女人,不动声色,在小处卖弄诱 惑,更加是彻底的坏女人了。我不知道我会喜欢坏女人”…
    作者:黄碧云 (
  3. 浮生六记
    作者:沈复 (沈三白) (

Discussed books in English:

  1. Prodigal Summer
    Barbara Kingsolver, a writer praised for her “extravagantly gifted narrative
    voice” (New York Times Book Review), has created with this novel a hymn to
    wildness that celebrates the prodigal spirit of human nature, and of nature
    by Barbara Kingsolver (
  2. The Diving Bell & The Butterfly
    … when blessed silence returns, I can listen to the butterflies that
    flutter inside my head. To hear them, one must be calm and pay close attention,
    for their wingbeats are barely audible. Loud breathing is enough to drown
    them out. This is astonishing: my hearing does not improve, yet I hear them
    better and better. I must have the ear of a butterfly.
    by Jean-Dominique Bauby (
  3. Tuesdays with Morrie
    An Old Man, a Young Man, and Life’s Greatest Lesson……
    Tuesdays With Morrie details those Tuesday visits, and the shared reflections
    on love, work, marriage, envy, children, forgiveness, community and aging,
    all seen though the eyes of a wise old man who was down to his last days.

by Mitch Albom (

  1. Wisdom of the Ages – – 60 Days to Enlightenment
    In his inspiring new book, Wisdom of the Ages, bestselling author Dr. Wayne
    W. Dyer poses the question:
    “What do our ancestral scholars, whom we consider the wisest and most spiritually
    advanced, have to say to us today?”
    The answer lies in this powerful collection of writings, poems, and sayings
    by some of the greatest thinkers of the past twenty-five centuries. In succinct
    original essays, Dyer sets out to explain the meaning and context of each
    piece of wisdom, and, most important, to explain how we can actively apply
    these teachings to our modern lives.
    by Wayne Dyer (
  2. Girl With a Pearl Earring
    ” The idea for this novel came easily. I was lying in bed one morning, worrying about what I was going to write next. (Writers are always worrying about that.) A poster of the Vermeer painting Girl With a Pearl Earring
    hangs in my bedroom, as it has done since I was nineteen and first discovered
    the painting. I lay there idly contemplating the girl’s face, and thought suddenly, “I could write about her.” Within three days I had the whole story worked out. It was effortless; I could see it all in her face. Vermeer had done all my work for me.
    by Tracy Chevalier (
  3. A Brief History of Time
    Any physical theory is always provisional, in the sense that it is only a hypothesis: you can never prove it. No matter how many times the results of experiments agree with some theory, you can never be sure that the next time the result will not contradict the theory. On the other hand, you can disprove a theory by finding even a single observation that disagrees with the predictions of the theory… Each time new experiments are observed to agree with the predictions the theory survives, and our confidence in it is increased; but if ever a new observation is found to disagree, we have to abandon or modify the theory. 11
    by Stephen W. Hawking (;

Online / Offline Book Reading Resources Recommended by Members

  4. (c-span TV program)
  5. National Public Radio (NPR FM 88.5)
  6. Publishers’ Weekly
  7. USA Today
  8. San Francisco Chronicle

Recommendation for Chinese Software:

  1. NJStar: (30-day trial version)
  2. UnionWay: (60-day trial version)
  3. 清华紫光中文软件 (where to download??)


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