DTE 2021春季征文 (k-12年级)

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DTE 2021 Spring Essay Submission (k-12)
Hosted By: Discover Talent Education || Cohosted with: SVWomen Org http://www.svwomen.org/

Send us your original Essays / Speech / Debate / Stories that you might have written.

Date: As we receive articles, some will be selected to be published onto the 公众号 & Website

BEST PART: If we end up using your essay on 公众号, you will receive a small prize! ($5 gift card)

DTE 2021春季征文 (k-12年级)
主办:DTE || 硅谷女性
日期:现在进行时, 当我们收到文章时,将选择一些文章发布到公众号和网站上
如果我们最后在公共号上使用了您的论文,您将获得一小笔奖金! ($ 5礼品卡)

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