2010 Personal essays for the sixth SVWA Annual Mother’s Day Essay Contest

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Starting March 9th we will begin accepting your personal essays for the sixth Annual Mother’s Day Essay Contest.  The submission deadline is May 4th.  Essays must be of original content, 300 to 500 words long, and must be written in English.  We are looking for humor, sweet and poignant personal anecdotes, mother themes involving cooking, family life, love and education of children, travel, dreams and sacrificed dreams,  sport’s mother’s, organized mother’s, community service Moms.  Personalities, values, beliefs, love life, the whole range of experiences of what it is to be a mother are welcome.  We want to reiterate that this year we are accepting essays from around the world.


2010年硅谷女性协会母亲节英文徵文活动定于3月9日在硅谷女性网站www.svwomen.org 启动。《世上最好的妈妈》是这次徵文活动的主题。这将是硅谷 女性九年来第一次以英文为徵文比赛要求,热烈欢迎海外华人新颖独特 的来稿。全部来稿将由来自9个不同背景的获奖作家及母亲身份作家合作选稿,择最佳写作为一、二、三名完成。评委阵容强大, 是一次非常有欣 赏价值的纪实母亲节写作。这次徵文比赛除了向亲爱 的母亲献上敬意,也是一个很好的机会显示,母爱与温馨的家庭对孩子们成长和才智的培养有不可替代的作用。如同此次徵文的主题《世上最好》的含义一 样,母亲的“好”提示着 关爱与榜样,孩子的“最好的 妈妈”蕴含着成长与锤炼,于是,孩子和妈妈才有了人生上的双轨齐行。

Three essays will be chosen by SVWA. The first place winner will receive award of $150; $100 for second place; and $50 for third place.  Results will be announced on our web site at www.svwomen.org on Mother’s Day, May 9th.  Last year’s Mother’s Day Essay Contest was very successful, with thousands of visitors to our web site.

Many new Moms joined SVWA the past two years, and the SVWA Essay Contest Committee wants to encourage new moms to write about their own experiences.What do you know now as a Mom that you wish you’d known before giving birth? What wry, witty, honest and personal observations would you share with Mothers and Mothers-to-be everywhere?

Entries for this year’s contest should be sent to svwomen_articles@yahoo.com . Each essay must include the author’s name, address, telephone number and email address and a brief 100 to 150 word bio of the author.   

We want to thank our business sponsors for making the awards possible.