BookYuan 9th : George Orwell

BookYuan 9th meeting When: 2PM, Sunday, 11/09/03 Where: Main Street Cafeteria & Books134 Main St.Los Altos, CA 94022 Subject: George Orwell’s books Discussion Link: 以下是George Orwell的生平简介:     喬… Read more »

BookYuan 14th meeting

BookYuan 14th meeting When: 2:30PM, Sunday, 4/25/04 Subject: The Lord of Rings:The Two Towers Where:Mountain View Pioneer Park on Church St. (BehindMoutain View Library. Behind Wells Fargo Bank onCastron Ave…. Read more »

Bookclub 17th

Dear fellow bibliophiles, Bookyuan 17th meeting is going to be held at July 18th, 2004 (Sunday). Same time and place as usual: 2pmLos Altos downtown: Main Street Cafeteria & Books134… Read more »

Bookclub 18th The Lord of the Rings

“In western lands beneath the Sunthe flowers may rise in Spring,the trees may bud, the waters run,the merry finches sing.Or there maybe’tis cloudless nightand swaying beeches bearThe Elven-stars as jewels… Read more »

Bookclub 19th

Dear Booklovers, On October 30th, we are going to have a gathering to watch the video tape “The Elegant Universe”.This play is based on the Physicist Bryan Greene’s bestselling book… Read more »

BookYuan 13th meeting

BookYuan 13th meeting When: 1:30PM, Sunday, 3/28/04 Where: Main Street Cafeteria & Books134 Main St.Los Altos, CA 94022 Hosted by ManmanSubject:work by Xiao Hong

Bookclub 25th The Art of Travel Writing

旅行的文字之美 The Art of Travel Writing 主辦:北加州華人作家協會 Chinese Writers’ Association in Northern California 矽谷女性讀書會 Silicon Valley Women Bookclub 6/26 Sunday  1:30pm-4pmMartin Luther King LibraryMeeting room #225150 E. San Fernando St.San Jose, CA主講、朱琦 Zhu Qi                                   「文化深度旅行」最新著作:「黃河的孩子」「東方的孩子」… Read more »

12/17/2020 “大爱无疆界”听障助学筹款活动开启

2020-2021年度 硅谷女性“大爱无疆界”听障助学筹款活动开启 亲爱的朋友们,一年又一年,年年花相似,岁岁人成长!让我们继续伸出温暖人心的爱之手,给远方无声世界里的孩子们带去关爱。有一首歌这样唱:只要人人都献出一点爱,世界将变成温暖的人间。让我们献出爱心,哪怕是$10, $20, $50, $100, 都是我们大家的关爱和资助。这些爱,不会因为距离而遥远。希望我们小小的善行和付出,可以为需要帮助的人带来希望。如果你和孩子愿意关注和支持中国贫困地区的特殊教育和听障学子,并且感兴趣参与这个有意义的助残助学活动,请联系我们。  一对一助学的主要目的在于扶持贫困有志向的中国甘肃庆阳聋哑学校 20 名学生继续完成学业到毕业,鼓励支持他们参与社会并找到合适自己的谋 生技能的工作。请大家大力支持,参与并且捐款给“大爱无疆界”一对一 项目, 20 个资助名额,先申请先安排。一年$100 美金的资助,我们的爱心, 能给远在中国大西北的聋哑学生的未来带来希望。 2020-201 年度计划资助的学生名单已经由张校长批准: 一年级: 3位 三年级: 3位 四年级: 2位 五年级: 2位 六年级: 2位 七年级: 2位 八年级:1位 九年级: 3位 职高班: 2位 网站还没有更新,暂供参考 – Paypal… Read more »

12/07/2020 Hour of Code

Hosted By: Discover Talent Education || Cohosted with: SVWomen Org Try a one-hour tutorial designed for all ages. Join millions of students and teachers in over 180 countries starting… Read more »